I am a researcher at the Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences. I am primarily focused on research on visual memory and visual attention. I use behavioral experiments, deep neural networks, and eye tracking. Moreover, I love open science and statistics in general.

  • Vision science
  • (Bayesian) Statistics
  • Psychophysics
  • MSc in Psychology, 2019

    Charles University, Faculty of Arts

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical computer science, 2017

    Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Recent Publications

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(2022). False memories when viewing overlapping scenes. In PeerJ, 10, e13187.

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(2022). Tracking multiple fish. In PeerJ, 10, e13031.

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(2021). False memories for scenes using the DRM paradigm. In Vision Research, 178, 48-59.

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I am co/teaching the following courses:

  • Faculty of Arts:
    • Introduction to Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment - Moodle
    • Psychological Methodology - Moodle
    • Psychophysics - planned for summer term in 2024/2025
    • Introduction to R - planned for summer term 2023/2024
  • College of Polytechnics Jihlava:

Bachelor/Master theses:

In general, I am interested in visual memory and attention. Students unafraid of seeing computer code or statistics (you do not need to be able to code!) are more than welcome.

Besides that, I have these topics currently available:

  • Memory for graphs in RSVP - which features are used when perceiving statistical graphs for brief moments?
  • Massive spatial visual memory - we can remember a large number of pictures. What other characteristics can we store about them?
  • Memory for repeating eye movements - can we recognize our own eye movements?
  • Validation of test measuring visual literacy - there is a test for measuring visualization literacy. The Czech version is more then welcomed.
  • Resuming questionnaires - when we measure construct using standard tools, do we measure the same thing if we measure it in parts?
  • Typicality and memory: Dollar Street - what are cultural differences in memorizing typical rooms